Home Selling Tips

The real estate market is still in recovery, but that doesn’t mean you can’t generate interest and get the best price for your home possible—and we’re not just talking about lowering the asking price.


What you need to know about selling your home:


Curb Appeal Counts

 When it comes to selling your home, appearances can make a big difference—and first appearances really do count. Sellers often overlook the importance of their home’s curb appeal. A home’s external appearance is first thing a buyer sees. Make certain that the exterior has a fresh coat of paint, and that the landscaping is well maintained.


Ditch the clutter

Getting rid of clutter is essential when selling a home. Putting away personal items and photographs help potential buyers to picture themselves in the space. You may even consider moving out furniture to give rooms the appearance of being more spacious. Or perhaps, hire a stager to help you make better use of your space. Staging costs can range from a few hundred dollars for a consultation to several thousand dollars, particularly if you rent furniture.


Price it Right


Do your homework when considering the price of your home. Go online to see what comparable homes are selling for in your area. Consulting a real estate professional will help you keep your emotions in check. Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes and then determine what’s a fair price.


Is it “Move in” Ready?

Buyers want to feel like the new home they’re purchasing is ready for them. They don’t want to spend time fixing doors, windows, appliances or electrical and plumbing fixtures. They need to be in proper working order and up to code.


Sweeten the deal

 A home can become more attractive when you sweeten the pot a bit—like offering buyers a credit towards closing costs. If that’s too steep, purchase a transferrable home warranty for $300-400 for a one-year policy. It will cover most appliances, such as refrigerators and HVAC units, should they fail. Depending on the policy, other appliances and house gadgets may be covered as well. This helps potential buyers feel more at ease knowing that they will be covered against such problems.